Structural Steel Fabrication

Asba Limited Structural Steel Fabrication and Projects Division, with its certified and all around experienced Engineers and Fabricators, executes the requests with the most elevated consumer loyalty level through serious costs, high caliber, on-time conveyance and uncommon administrations.

Our Services & Products

Structural steel

Asba Limited in Saudi plant steel structures for all modern and business ventures. In these offices, we create profiles and cylinders with the ordinary and high evaluation of carbon steel in understanding of many principles.
Our features:

  • Supply of long parabolic cat walk for servicing the CV line tube.
  • Fiber glass Insulation and Aluminium Cladding over the vulganizing tubes.
  • Supply of Fascia frame fabricated by steel pipes and cladded with stainless steel sheet.Steel structure erection and crane beams.
  • Steel structure erection and crane beams.

Cooling system

Cooling towers are used widely due to their optimal cooling technology for industrial processes and HVAC applications. Stringent environmental regulations for effluent water discharge have led to a pressing need for better technology and products. This coupled with the control of scale, biological fouling, deposition and corrosion has increased the challenges in the proper operation and maintenance of an effective cooling water system.

Storage structure

our storage buildings can be built without a permanent concrete foundation, which saves both the time and the money that would otherwise be spent on concrete and labor. Furthermore – with the help of our installation guide and phone support – our buildings can be constructed with a team of laborers who have never built such a structure before, minimizing the need for outsourcing expensive contractors.

Ensuring the quality and integrity by manufacturing reliable material and dedicated service